Watch the video for instructions on how to join.

Join Bybit Through Our Referral Link Below

Create a new account on Bybit using our link below, KYC your account and make your first $100 deposit. 
*NOTE: You must maintain a $100 balance in your account to remain a member to the mastermind*


Join Discord And Verify Your Bybit Account 

After you have KYC'd your account and made your first deposit, simply join our discord and click on the "Enter Bybit UID Here" and enter the UID # for your new Bybit account. 


Sign up through Whop for monthly access.

If you can't sign up for Bybit because you are from a restricted country or don't want to transfer your existing KYC'd account, then you can join through, our discord membership management platform for $150 per month and get automated access to Discord as soon as you pay.

How to Find Your Bybit UID?

In the upper right hand corner of the exchange, when you click on your icon, 
you will find the UID located directly underneath.
For step by step instructions, please visit here: HOW TO FIND UID LINK

What To Do If You Have A Bybit Account Already

If you already have a Bybit account, there are two options.
1.) If you are not under another affiliate, you can simply assign your account to us as your affiliate. 
2.) If you are already under an affiliate, you have to create a new account and then transfer your KYC over to the new account. 

Trading Education Group Testimonials from REAL Members.

Trading Mastery Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
What kind of education do you provide? 
Psychology, risk management, market approach, scanning the markets, how to look for entries and exits, technical analysis approaches (moving averages, price action, fibonacci, market structure), sentiment analysis, order flow, funding rates and a lot more...

Do you provide trading signals?
This is NOT a signal group. Our team of traders will post their own personal trade set-ups and why they may be taking the trade so that others may learn from it, but we highly discourage copy trading as no two traders are alike in terms of risk tolerance, time available, capital, etc. Traders can also enter a trade and exit it quickly with changing market conditions and if you are not available to close it, this could result in significantly different outcomes.

What do I need to do to stay in the group?
Because the group is free, we pay our team and our support staff with trading fees generated by the group as a whole. It is in our best interest to educate you and help you along on your trading journey so that you trade successfully for a long time to continue to power the group. Our only requirement is to be actively engaged in the group conversation and to trade within a 30 day period at least once.

Is the group active?
The group is VERY active in terms of updates and education.

Is it JUST about trading or do you cover fundamentals?
We are primarily focused on trading (that you can apply) to any market, but we also cover airdrops, meme coins, small caps, long term investing and market narratives.

Is this just a crypto trading group or do you cover stocks and forex as well?
From time to time, we will post trade ideas in other markets, but for the most part we will be focused on trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins.
If you need a mentor, join the mastermind today.
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